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After several years of waiting, we now have the Consolidated Text of the Bankruptcy Law. This reorganises the previous regulations, eliminates contradictions and duplicities, and rewrites the content of the Law to make it more understandable. Faced with this new situation, Deyfin ETL offers a team of lawyers specialising in this matter.

Deyfin ETL’s insolvency department not only has an excellent group of expert lawyers in insolvency law, but is backed by a highly professional multidisciplinary team, with extensive professional experience. Together they will study, design and advance your specific case in a personalised way.

The insolvency procedure is aimed at those natural or legal persons who are imminently or currently unable to meet some or all of their debts and cannot meet their obligations on a regular basis. It is a judicial procedure with the Courts of the 1st instance or in commercial courts competent in each case. Their aim is to satisfy to a greater or lesser extent existing debts, either by trying to continue the business or by liquidation of its assets.

It is very important to remember that the law obliges the employer to initiate this procedure within two months of becoming aware of the insolvency; thus preventing the bankrupt party being declared guilty with the consequences that this insolvency entails for administrators, liquidators and proxies, for example

We are fully aware of the complexity of these procedures and the emotional burden that involved, which is why our specialist lawyers in these matters will be able to offer you customised advice, and provide the support you need.



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