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Corporate Social Responsibility

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What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility can be defined as the voluntary contribution of companies to social, environmental and economic matters, with the aim of improving their competitive advantage. Implementing a CSR policy brings multiple benefits to companies, such as an improvement in reputation, the reduction of occupational risks and an increase in productivity, among others.


Compliance with the legislation on the protection of personal data of natural persons is mandatory for all companies that process such data in any way.

Digital Law

The speed at which communication techniques are evolving obliges employers to be aware of the relevant legislation and to comply with it.

Money Laundering Prevention

Identifies the risks of your company and your sector. Prevents your company from being used for money laundering. Generates a Manual with internal policies and procedures in the field of Money Laundering Prevention.

Equality Plans

Promote a company culture that allows the principle of equal opportunities to be established. Raise awareness of equality and diversity.


Identifies the criminal risks of your company and your sector. It seeks solutions to its weaknesses. It provides the company with high ethical standards.

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